Many changes have been recorded in the weather since the beginning of March. Rain in the plains brought the mercury back to normal. At the same time, the temperature dropped again due to snowfall in the hilly areas. The morning temperature has suddenly fallen in many areas of Delhi-NCR and Uttar Pradesh. According to the Meteorological Department, snowfall in the mountains has contributed significantly to this.

According to the latest update of the Meteorological Department, there is no possibility of any major change in the weather till march 8. No warning has been issued regarding rain or snowfall across the country.  Cold will return again! Weather may change from march 7.

Presence of Western Disturbance is being seen from Jammu and Kashmir, North-Western Uttar Pradesh, Eastern madhya pradesh to tamil Nadu.

 At the same time, a new round of rain and snowfall is likely to start in Eastern and North-Eastern india from march 5 to 7. Due to this, a drop in temperature may be recorded once again.  Talking about the weather of today i.e. march 5, there is a possibility of light to moderate rain at isolated places along with thunder and lightning in Assam, meghalaya and Nagaland on march 5. 

The morning temperature has fallen due to rain in many parts of North India. The rains in Uttar Pradesh, madhya pradesh, haryana and chandigarh in the past few days have caused a drop in the temperature. Heat has started showing its effect in the southern states. Talking about South india, the heat has started showing its effect here. 

The mercury has reached its maximum level in Kerala, tamil Nadu, Odisha, Karnataka. This year there will not be much spring time. There is a possibility of severe heat in the states of South india from the month of june onwards. At the same time, heat wave can be seen in the states of North india also. According to meteorologists, the impact of heat and rain will be greater this year. Due to the effects of El Nino and La Nina, many major changes can be seen in the weather this year. It is noteworthy that El Nino affects summer and La Nina affects monsoon.

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