Rahul's accusation on the construction of ayodhya ram temple... Yogi Adityanath's explanation!

It is a fact that Rs 1,733 crore has been given as compensation to the people of Ayodhya.” – Uttar Pradesh Government

In his first speech as the leader of the Opposition in the Parliament, rahul Gandhi, who severely criticized the bjp leaders including Prime Minister Modi, had accused ``the people who were evicted for the construction of the ram temple in Ayodhya were not given proper compensation.'`Congress is a web of lies. Rs 1,733 crore has indeed been given as compensation to the people of Ayodhya.

Be it Rama Path, Bhakti Path, Janmabhoomi Path, or Airport, if land, shops, or houses are acquired for its establishment, compensation is given to the owners. Shops have been built for those who have space and multi-storied complexes have been built for those who do not have space.

Compensation of Rs 952.39 crore has been given to the victims of the construction of ayodhya Airport, Rs 295 crore to ayodhya Bypass (Ring Road), Rs 14.12 crore to Rama Janmabhoomi Path, Rs 23.66 crore to Bhakti Path and Rs 114.69 crore to Rambhat. A total of 21,548 people have been compensated in ayodhya till now Rs.29 crore for Panchkoshi Parikrama, Rs.119.20 crore for Souda Kosi Parikrama, Rs.35.03 lakh for railway construction between Rudauli and Rojagaon, and Rs.163.90 crore for national highway construction.

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