On media platforms, athiya shetty and KL rahul don't hide their PDAs. With their remarks over each other's pictures on instagram, they occasionally set goals and ambitions for their admirers. When Athiya doesn't pick up the phone, rahul expresses his disappointment. The cricketer had solicited advice from his fans on how he should spend his day. He received a lovely response from his alleged lover, who requested that he video chat her. But when she will not really pick up, he reveals his emotions.

A relationship between rahul KL and athiya shetty is rumored. While the couple hasn't acknowledged it, their instagram pictures show that they are really dating. In July, Athiya traveled to england with KL to participate in a test series. The batsman started asking his instagram followers how they thought he should pass his weekend.

Athiya Shetty responded with a sweet request to video contact her. The cricketer, on the other hand, had an amazing response to it. KL poses with a cat costumed person. "Our expression when you don't pick up @athiyashetty (sic)," rahul wrote, frowning at the camera. Earlier, when KL rahul toured england, Athiya also joined with him and the photos of them dating together went viral.

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