Steve Smith, Australia's captain, has been banned for damaging the ball during the 2018 Test series against South Africa. 

This was followed by the appointment of Tim Payne as captain of the australia Test team and Aaron Finch as captain of the ODI and t20 teams.

Tim Payne has been the captain of the Australian Test team for the past three and a half years. In the meantime, Tim Payne has resigned as captain of the Australian team after he was exposed for allegedly texting a female colleague in 2017.

Meanwhile, Pat Cummins has been named captain and vice-captain of the Australian Test team. Pat Cummins became the first fast bowler in Australian cricket history to captain a Test team. steve smith has been named vice-captain.

 Pat Cummins has gained 164 wickets in 34 international Tests and he has also scored 708 runs.

Tim Payne has now lost his captaincy for an event that took place 4 years ago. It has made this decision because information about him has been leaked.

Australia will have to pick a new captain as Tim Payne has stepped down ahead of the start of the asus Test series.

The Ashes Test series between australia and england is very important. The first match starts in brisbane on the 8th.

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