Dhoni advises Rohit & Hardik..!? Indirect dig on captaincy..!?

 There is a huge rift in the mumbai Indians team in the IPL cricket series. With rohit sharma and hardik pandya battling it out for the captaincy, dhoni has now advised the young players. The biggest politics in the game is who will be the next captain of each team. A few leave because the team doesn't give them the respect they deserve. A few are raising the war flag as if the captaincy should come to them. It is in this position that dhoni has been the captain of the chennai Super Kings team for a long time. In between, dhoni gave way to Jadeja as he said he wanted the captaincy, and later came back as captain as he did not perform well.
Dhoni has given an interview to indirectly advise rohit sharma and hardik pandya in this situation. Those who hold leadership positions in it. dhoni mentioned that earning respect is very important. Respect is not something that comes from our position. He said that we can get it only through our activities. In other words, he said that respect comes only because of how you behave on the field, and how you play for the team, and not because of the captaincy. Dhoni's comment is now very popular among the fans. Seeing this advice from dhoni, future cricketers have said that they should be selfless and not fight for the captaincy. And the fans have quoted Dhoni's interview and mentioned that they should focus on action and work hard instead of looking for respect.

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