Final days of Ashwin's cricket career..!? Wish come true..?

The final and fifth Test between india and england will begin on march 7. After this match, the indian team will play the next Test match against new zealand in October. As tamil Nadu cricketer Ashwin is in the last chapter of his cricket career, there has been a demand that bcci should give him due respect. Ashwin is now 37 years old. The indian team management is already deceiving him by not including him in the playing eleven for the overseas series. At this stage, tamil Nadu cricketer Ashwin has set a record by capturing 500 wickets in international Test cricket. Not only that, Ashwin also got the honor of being the second-fastest player to reach this milestone.
Ashwin is not just a spin bowler but also an all-rounder. Apart from that, it can be said that Ashwin's cricketing knowledge and sophisticated intellect are unmatched by any other player in the world today. The indian team has been delaying this kind of Test captaincy for Ashwin. indian cricket legend Kumble was honored with the captaincy of the indian Test team as he played the final phase of his cricketing career. After Dravid, he led the indian Test team for a while. Dhoni came to the scene after his resignation. Now the question arises as to why bcci is thinking of giving this honor to Ashwin from tamil Nadu when Kumble from karnataka got this honor. Ashwin has the ingenuity to put the opposition under severe pressure with his cricketing knowledge. That being the case, doubt has arisen as to why Ashwin alone has not been given this opportunity yet. Due to this, there has been a demand to make rohit sharma resign from the captaincy and make Ashwin sit in that responsibility.

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