New season... New responsibility... Dhoni's post..!!

As the IPL cricket series is about to start on march 22, Dhoni's post on social media is attracting the attention of fans. dhoni, who is the father of the chennai Super Kings team, has won the IPL trophy five times. dhoni is now 42 years old. He was expected to bid farewell to the fans after he had already won the trophy last season. But he said that he wants to play once again for the fans' desire. dhoni, who underwent leg surgery before the start of this season, is currently recovering from it and training.
The news broke that dhoni is going to retire with the current season as he is now 42 years old. In this situation, it was also said that dhoni may not play the entire season and give the captaincy to Jadeja and he will act as coach. It is in this situation that dhoni has published a post on social media. In it, dhoni has posted that he can't wait for this new season and new responsibility. It has been a long time since dhoni posted on Facebook. Suddenly dhoni has posted this and it is getting the attention of fans. Fans say that there is a possibility that dhoni will play the first match and then become a coach. But this is nothing. Fans on the other side say it could be a publicity stunt. Already during the t20 World Cup, dhoni is using a publicity strategy like this and the fans have suggested that this will be a strategy. Some people have also said that if this is a publicity tactic, surely dhoni fans should not be played like this.

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