Mumbai indians won CSK 20 times..!?

In the history of IPL, mumbai indians are the only team to beat chennai Super Kings more times. At the same time, the CSK team has compensated and won. So, there is no big difference between success and failure. However, for mumbai indians, CSK has been seen playing with a frenzy in the past. What is the reason for that? In the five years since the inception of the IPL in 2008, mumbai indians have managed to make it to the playoffs only three times. Even more so, they managed to advance to the finals only once. However, during the same period, CSK advanced to the IPL playoffs five times.
Also, it has won the IPL trophy twice. Especially in 2010, CSK won their first IPL trophy by defeating mumbai indians in the final. Since then, the management of the mumbai indians team has developed a kind of competitive attitude towards the CSK team. From then on, defeating CSK became the main task of mumbai Indians. In other words, mumbai indians did not win the trophy until the last five years, but the fans of that team used to say that if they beat CSK twice in the league round, it would be enough.
Due to this, in the 36 matches between mumbai indians and chennai Super Kings, the mumbai team won 20 and the CSK team won 16. Although the difference is not huge, mumbai indians have retained the honor of being the team that has beaten CSK the most times in the IPL series. In this situation, in the 2024 IPL series, mumbai indians - CSK teams are going to clash in the league round. Will CSK win this match? The fans of that team are excited.

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