Natarajan's work is not recognized..!?

Hyderabad veteran Bhuvneshwar Kumar has praised tamil Nadu player Natarajan as a hard worker. hyderabad won the match against delhi by 67 runs. By winning this match, the hyderabad team has played 7 matches and got 10 points with 5 wins and 2 losses and advanced to the 2nd place in the points table. It is predicted that hyderabad will enter the play-off round almost halfway through the season. A total of 465 runs have been scored in the match between delhi and Hyderabad. Natarajan has been lucky in this match by giving only 19 runs and taking 4 wickets. Speaking about this, Bhuvneshwar Kumar of the hyderabad team said that when the teams are chasing the biggest target, we know that our bowling will also score runs.
But the intention was to execute our plan properly. Everyone is well aware of Natarajan's yorker balls. He is always calm. But hard worker. Sometimes his work is not recognized. He is definitely the biggest match-winner. Also after a few years, our batting is better. So we are a bit relaxed in bowling. We thought 200 to 220 runs was too low on this ground. Accordingly, the batsmen played well as a group. You don't need to see which way the ball is going while bowling in net practice. But he said that the bowlers have said the best words that they will win the championship.

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