Balcony room controversy..!? What happened to the CSK team?

CSK's suresh raina has explained the controversy surrounding his withdrawal from the 2020 IPL series by saying that he did not give a balcony room. The 2020 IPL series was held in the United Arab Emirates due to the spread of Corona. Before going here, the players participating in the IPL series were quarantined for 15 days and taken away. suresh raina, who played for CSK at that time, spent 15 days in isolation in a hotel room and traveled with his teammates.
But suddenly he returned to his hometown before the start of the IPL series. It was said that the reason for this was that the CSK team management did not give suresh raina a balcony room. None of the CSK players have ever spoken publicly about the issue. After this, suresh raina was not bought by CSK during the 2022 mega auction. As a result, many fans believed that the balcony controversy was true. In this situation, suresh raina said that some of his relatives were murdered during the IPL series in 2020. In Pathankot, the entire family of a relative was murdered by robbers. His father and family were sad because of this.He was forced to return home to support them. He told dhoni and CSK management about this. Because family is important, he immediately returned. Then in the 2021 season, they all played together and won the trophy. He could not join the CSK team again. He was forced to stay in a hotel room for almost 30 days if he wanted to join the CSK team in the IPL series. Because of that, he stayed here without traveling to uae again. He said that CSK team management also understood it.

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