IPL 2024 Season is the Dejavu of IPL 2012 for CSK..!?

The similarities between the 2012 IPL series and the ongoing IPL series have surprised fans. CSK will play against RCB in the IPL series on May 18. If CSK wins this match, they can easily advance to the playoffs. But if RCB wins by 18 runs or with 11 balls to spare, Bangalore can advance to the play-offs. Thus the match between RCB and CSK teams is almost a knockout match. Due to this, the fans of both teams are very interested. In this situation, as in 2012, it has come to light that incidents are happening continuously for the CSK team this season as well.

CSK captain dhoni lost the toss 12 times in the 2012 IPL series. Currently, CSK captain Ruturaj Gaikwad has failed the toss 11 times. Likewise, the final match of the 2012 season was held at Chennai's Chepakkam Stadium. Even now, the final is scheduled to be held at chepauk Stadium.

Apart from that, kolkata also finished in the top 2 positions in the points table. Currently, KKR is in the position of finishing in the top 2 positions. Similarly, in the 2012 season, CSK had to win the last match to advance to the play-offs.

CSK needed 5 runs off the last ball of the match and Bravo hit a six to win the matchDue to this, the fans are predicting that the CSK team will definitely defeat the RCB team in the last over and win. They are also hoping that dhoni will play his last match at Chepauk.

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