Has dhoni announced retirement..!? Shocking..!!

chennai Super Kings have been eliminated from the IPL 2024 season without qualifying for the playoffs. With this, CSK will not qualify for the play-off round for the third time in the history of IPL. dhoni stepped down from the captaincy this season and Ruturaj was announced as the captain. The CSK team, which has played 14 matches under the leadership of Ruturaj, has won 7 matches and lost 7 matches. The CSK team was left with several key players out due to injury which caused a major setback. At this stage, fans have expressed regret that dhoni, who is 42 years old, did not have a farewell event in Chennai. 

Due to this, there are doubts whether dhoni will play in the next season or whether he has announced his retirement. Kashi Viswanathan, CEO of chennai Super Kings, has given an interview about this. Let's see about that now. So far Dhoni has not informed us of any decision whether he will play next season or not. For us, whatever decision dhoni takes. We will support him 100%. So far our team has been like that. Only he knows what dhoni decides. Whatever he does, we listen. For me, one hundred percent I think dhoni will play next season. Fans expect the same. But this is just our opinion. Ruduraj is going to be the captain in the next season as well.

 Because it was Dhoni and coach Plumming who chose Ruturaj and before the start of this season both had decided that Ruturaj would be the captain. Ruturaj has been doing well in the current series. Senior players are also supporting him. It did not affect his batting even from the captaincy position. This is a matter of great importance. The future of CSK is under the leadership of Ruturaj. But this is not an easy task. Because no one can fill Dhoni's place. Kasi Viswanathan has said that when Ruturaj takes on that responsibility, there will definitely be severe crises.

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