Shahrukh and gautam gambhir made a similar comeback!!!

The story of Shahrukh Khan, KKR and gautam gambhir is similar. The good times of all three have been coming back around at about the same time. Although IPL started in 2008, let's talk from 2011. This was the same year when gautam gambhir joined KKR. After Shahrukh's consecutive flops, Don 2 and Jab Tak Hai jaan came in the years 2011 and 12. 

Gautam Gambhir also joined KKR in 2011 and took command of the team as captain. In 2012, KKR won the trophy for the first time. Meaning, that in the year 2012, all three, Shahrukh, KKR and gautam gambhir made a comeback. Before this, Gambhir had been a part of the World Cup-winning indian team in 2011. He has contributed to taking the team to the finals, but he did not get the credit that team captain mahendra singh dhoni got. Gambhir is left regretting this. He was also heard saying this in many interviews. But both Shahrukh and Gambhir came back together in 2012, when they lifted the trophy in their hands. Shahrukh's superhit film 'Chennai Express' was released in 2013 and Gambhir also scored the highest score of 406 runs for the team in 2013. 

Although the team could not reach the finals, the next year again in 2014, KKR won the finals. This was the same year when Shahrukh gave the blockbuster 'Happy New Year'. After this, both the masters were seen battling again for a decade. Shahrukh did not have any big hits from 2014 to 2022. gautam gambhir served as the captain of KKR till 2017, but the team could not win the trophy. When he entered politics, he also announced his retirement within 5 years. gautam gambhir also seemed upset with the fact that dhoni was being made a hero, even though he had also performed well in the 2011 world cup final.

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