Gambhir raised KKR, Shahrukh raised Bollywood!!!

After Corona, content from all over the world started reaching the audience easily on OTT platforms. people were forgetting to go to the theatre. No big film was able to make a big splash. But in the year 2023, Shahrukh, who said that he had lost his charm, rained money at the box office. Shahrukh left romance and took up the action genre and what happened next was something that had never happened before. Crowds of spectators started gathering in theatres. Now if we look at gautam Gambhir, he looks similar to Shahrukh in this matter also. When he left lucknow Super Giants and returned to KKR, his strategy made the team the number 1 IPL team of 2024.

Gautam Gambhir was often seen in the same way as Shahrukh was seen as kabir khan in Chak De India. He would discuss it with the team after the match was over. Come to meet him. Seemed to be explaining to them.

Smart moves of both Shahrukh and Gambhir

Shahrukh Khan's smart move was that he brought gautam Gambhir back into the team. The result is visible as soon as the return is made. He had to be hospitalized a few days ago due to heatstroke, but despite this, he reached the stadium with his entire family to encourage the team. Now it was Gambhir's turn. It was his smart moves that made the team worthy of the trophy. sunil Narine got the title of Most Valuable Player of the season. It was Gambhir's decision to field him as an opener.

Including Mitchell Starc in the team was also a smart move. Starc, who performed mediocrely in the league matches, made an amazing contribution in the playoffs. He was awarded Fantasy Player of the Match and Player of the Match. Gambhir had recently said something amazing in his conversation with R Ashwin, "Fans do not come to see him smiling but come to see him winning on the cricket field." He said this because he felt this. He was being targeted for saying that he was very serious. Well, his seriousness worked.

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