Eviction without Kamal, who is going to be evicted by ramya Krishnan?

Namitha Marimuthu, Nadia chang, chinna Ponnu, Suruthi, Madhumita, and Isaivani have been evicted so far. The first half of the 5th season of Big Boss tamil has come to an abrupt end. bigg boss Season 5, which started with 18 rivals, still has 14 wickets left, including wild card entry and abhishek re-entry despite a few wickets falling in eviction. In the last 50 days, we have not yet been able to reach out to someone to make sure who will be the winner.

Iykki Berry, who came to Big Boss as a doctor and rap musician, can be said to be an active contender for Big Boss. During these 54 days, Iykki was the first person to get up and dance to the songs that sounded like bigg boss in the morning. Iykki in Big Boss, who lives alone in isolation from her family, got used to everyone expecting love at home. Niroop has been very close to her in the last few weeks. They two have recently played many matches together. Iykki joined Priyanka's hit list due to her friendship with Niroop. The episode was shot today with the exit episode of Iykki, who has so far been a competitor who has not developed any fuss. She was the first person to be expelled by ramya Krishnan.

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