with, unstoppable NBK began as a local OTT discussion programme before quickly becoming one of India's top talk shows. balakrishna Nandamuri serves as the host, and allu aravind streams it on Aha Video. Prabhas' presence has already brought the chat show widespread attention. With pawan kalyan there, the chat programme has advanced significantly. The showrunners revealed the first sneak peek of this special episode on Sankranthi.

The Unstoppable segment with pawan kalyan was successfully filmed a long time ago, but the episode hasn't yet been released because the showrunners are awaiting the ideal moment. They still haven't confirmed the exact time as of yet. The unique preview, however, just serves to heighten interest in and anticipation for the show. Fans gathered at the annapurna studios to watch pawan kalyan before the glimpse even began. The peek then showed some images of pawan kalyan entering the studio.

Later, when the song "Aradaugula Bullet" is playing in the background, balakrishna exclaims on stage, "Nenu Konni Measurements Teeskovali," to which pawan kalyan responds with childlike laughter. In this talk show, pawan kalyan reportedly discussed his upbringing, friendship with chiranjeevi and his family, political party, and three marriages. g g g

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