Is there so much in Bigg Boss? Secrets revealed..!?

RJ Bravo has shared about what kind of tests are done before entering the bigg boss house. RJ Bravo entered the bigg boss house on Day 28 as a wild card contestant in bigg boss Season 7 which ended last January. Although he hails from tamil Nadu, he is famous for working as a tamil RJ on FM radio abroad. He left within a few weeks of coming in without getting into any major controversy. In this case, in one of the programs he participated in recently, he said some things that no one has said about Bigg Boss. If a contestant enters the bigg boss house, they are put in isolation in a hotel a day before.
They will be allowed to bring in their belongings and clothes only after the bigg boss team inspects them one by one. Similarly, even though bigg boss said that they would buy cell phones, they did not buy them immediately after arriving at the hotel but before going to participate in the show. There are certain conditions for the clothes worn in the bigg boss house. That means you should not wear branded clothes like Nike, puma, etc. Even if they write a small name, they will hide it and stick it with a stringer. The rule states that contestants who move in should carry 30 days' worth of clothing even if they leave within a week.And if their health is not good, even if they bring medicine...they will not be allowed inside. He said that when they want to take pills, they will be refused and kept in the store room. Similarly, in the bigg boss house, some conditions don't wear clothes with too many designs and don't wear certain colored clothes. It is noteworthy that although some contestants have spoken about bigg boss before, they have never revealed such information.

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