Airtel's 5g service launched..! Need to change SIM..?

We have already seen that prime minister Modi launched the 5g service in india on the 1st of last month in an event held in Delhi. It is noteworthy that the introduction of the fifth-generation telecommunication service 5g in india will provide high-speed internet service. mukesh Ambani's Jio, one of India's leading private telecom companies, has launched 5g services. It has been officially announced that 5g service will be launched in four cities namely Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, and Varanasi. Similarly, airtel has announced that 5g service has been launched in 8 cities including Chennai. airtel has announced that 5g service has been launched in 8 cities namely Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Siliguri, Nagpur, and Varanasi.Customers availing of 5g service will not need to change their SIM, airtel said. It has been announced that a customer only needs to have a 5G-supported mobile phone and can use the 5g service without changing the SIM card. airtel also said that there is no need to pay any additional charges separately for the 5g service. airtel has said that the 5g service will be 30 to 40 times faster than the 4G service and plans to roll out the 5g service in all cities in India.Airtel also said that customers who want to get a new 5g service can apply through their official website and app. It is noteworthy that after airtel launched the 5g service in Chennai, people with 5G-supported mobile phones are now using high-speed internet.

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