Microsoft To train 2 Million indians In AI Skills By 2025, satya Nadella Announces

As per a microsoft study, a staggering 78 percent of indian employees express their lack of adequate AI competencies to effectively carry out their current tasks. Microsoft CEO satya Nadella disclosed plans to offer AI skilling opportunities to 2 million individuals in india by 2025, emphasizing the necessity of collaboration between india and the united states regarding AI norms and regulations.

The initiative aims to provide training primarily in tier-2 and tier-3 cities, as well as rural areas, to foster inclusive socio-economic progress, according to a statement released by the company. Nadella expressed hope that global consensus on AI regulation would facilitate the equitable distribution of economic growth.

During a conference in Mumbai, Nadella highlighted the significance of technological diffusion and the role it plays in shaping the adoption of AI worldwide. The ADVANTA(I)GE india initiative is part of Microsoft’s Skills for Jobs program, which is designed to empower India’s workforce with future-ready skills.

In a recent study by microsoft, it has been revealed that a significant proportion of indian leaders, amounting to 90 percent, emphasize the necessity for new skill sets among their workforce to adapt to the expanding domain of artificial intelligence (AI). Additionally, a staggering 78 percent of indian employees express their lack of adequate AI competencies to effectively carry out their current tasks.

In response to this evident skills gap, ADVANTA(I)GE india has announced its strategic initiative to provide training opportunities targeting individuals residing in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, as well as rural regions. By doing so, the program aims to empower individuals to actively engage in the evolving landscape of AI, fostering a more inclusive socio-economic advancement.

Furthermore, microsoft has joined forces with media startup Semafor to introduce an AI chatbot into news production through Project "Signals," with the ambition to redefine the delivery of breaking news by incorporating diverse perspectives. This collaborative effort seeks to blend human journalistic expertise with AI capabilities.

A representative from Semafor described Signals as a platform designed to streamline the dissemination of breaking news by organizing information and presenting varied viewpoints. The process involves journalists curating essential facts from multiple sources, including those offering contrasting perspectives, to ensure comprehensive coverage.

AI tools will facilitate the exploration of news sources across different languages and regions, thereby broadening coverage and enhancing the inclusion of diverse viewpoints. Despite the integration of AI assistance in the research phase, all content generated through Signals will be authored by human journalists, with microsoft providing substantial financial support to Semafor to advance journalistic endeavors through AI innovation

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