Artificial Intelligence (AI) has rapidly expanded its influence across various sectors, becoming a ubiquitous presence in contemporary technology. Beyond the technological aspects, the financial implications of AI are immense, projecting a market worth lakhs of crores in the coming years. Companies investing heavily in AI technology are poised to reap substantial returns, entering a market that is estimated to reach 17 billion dollars by 2027.

The international investment landscape in AI has seen remarkable growth, with a 24 percent annual increase since 2019. In 2023, investments are expected to reach a staggering 83 billion dollars, with a major focus on data analytics, Generative AI (Gen AI), and machine learning (ML) algorithm platforms. This translates to a total investment of Rs. 6.89 lakh crores in 2023, showcasing the substantial financial commitment to AI.

Notably, indian IT companies are directing significant funds towards wallet PLATFORM' target='_blank' title='digital-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>digital content, data analytics, and supply chain sectors. Some organizations are not merely utilizing AI but are also transforming their service delivery methods. In india, the number of AI experts stands at 4.2 lakhs, with this figure steadily increasing each year. Projections indicate that certain organizations will allocate over Rs. 8300 crores in AI-related initiatives over the next three years.

Despite being one of the top five countries in terms of AI experts, india boasts three times more talent with AI skills internationally. Over the last seven years, the number of AI experts has surged by 14 times. The country anticipates a 15 percent growth rate in the number of AI experts, aligning with the escalating investments in this transformative technology.

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