All motorola Phones & Tablets To Come With Corning Gorilla Glass This Year

All motorola phones this year irrespective of their price will have Gorilla Glass protection.

Motorola has recently announced a new collaboration with Corning at the mobile World congress (MWC) 2024. According to the announcement, we will see the use of Gorilla Glass with Motorola's entire portfolio in 2024. This collaboration will be extended to both smartphones and tablets that launch in the current year. These devices protected by the Gorilla Glass protection will be made available in the second half of 2024. motorola also unveiled Smart Connect, a software that will connect smartphones, PCs, and tablets in a unified ecosystem to help users connect motorola devices with Lenovo's laptop offerings easily.

Motorola in a statement said, “The entire 2024 portfolio of motorola devices will feature Corning Gorilla Glass, starting in the second half of this year.” Before this deal, only the expensive smartphones from the house of motorola used to have this display protection but now, with this collaboration in place, even the affordable phones will have this protection.

Motorola added, “This partnership builds on Lenovo's collaboration with Corning in the laptop and tablet categories by featuring Gorilla Glass on select Lenovo laptops and tablets." It is important to note that the announcement did not reveal which Gorilla Glass will be used. However, according to a report by 9to5Google, the company showcased Gorilla Glass 5 and Gorilla Glass Victus 2 during a demo at MWC.

In simpler words, this collaboration will result in more scratch and drop-resistant displays even in the budget segment. At the moment, it is unknown whether there will be an impact on the prices or not.

Motorola Announces The Launch Of Smart Connect

In another post, motorola also announced the launch of Smart Connect. With this, the company aims to establish unified connectivity across its smartphones, tablets, and laptops/PCs from Lenovo. This strategic move is geared towards creating an ecosystem akin to the integrated systems offered by apple, samsung, and Google.

Among the features presented within Smart Connect, motorola emphasizes Cross Control, allowing users to employ a single keyboard and mouse across a phone, laptop, and tablet. The Swipe to Stream feature facilitates the seamless transfer of any chosen app or activity from one device to another. Additional highlighted features encompass Notification Sync, Share Hub, Smart Clipboard, and more.

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