The Meteorological Department relies on a diverse array of technologies and instruments to gather data and formulate weather forecasts. These tools include instruments like rain gauges, anemometers, wind vanes, pen-evaporimeters, sunshine recorders, dew gauges, and thermometers, which measure parameters such as temperature, humidity, wind speed, and precipitation. These measurements provide crucial data points for understanding weather patterns.

In addition to ground-based instruments, the Meteorological Department utilizes advanced computer models powered by high-speed computers. These models analyze vast amounts of meteorological data collected from various sources, including meteorological satellites. Satellites equipped with sensors capture images of clouds and weather systems from space, offering valuable insights into atmospheric conditions.

Weather radar technology plays a pivotal role in estimating rainfall by emitting electromagnetic waves towards clouds. By analyzing the reflected signals, meteorologists can determine the intensity and location of rainfall. This radar data, along with satellite imagery and ground observations, feeds into mathematical models for weather prediction.

Meteorologists conduct thorough data analysis, examining both current and historical weather data to identify trends and patterns. This data-driven approach, coupled with sophisticated modelling techniques, enables the Meteorological Department to produce different types of weather forecasts. These forecasts range from immediate predictions covering the next 24 hours to extended-term outlooks spanning more than 10 days.

Medium-term forecasts, typically covering a week to eight days ahead, are often considered the most accurate. By integrating data from various sources and leveraging advanced technologies, the Meteorological Department aims to provide accurate and timely weather forecasts. These forecasts are essential for individuals, industries, and governments in planning and decision-making related to weather-sensitive activities.

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