Boring Phone'HMD Global Launches 'The Boring PhoneTo Take Consumers On A Trip Down To Nostalgia — Check Specifications

HMD Global's 'The Boring Phoneboasts a transparent flip-phone look with holographic stickers.

The manufacturer of nokia phones, HMD Global has partnered with Heineken and Bodega to launch a very basic phone in this not-so-basic time also known as the 'Boring Phone'. You read that right, the name of the phone is Boring Phone. As per HMD Global, this phone will help you discover that there is more to your social life when there is less on your phone. If we talk about functions, it's basically like a nokia 3310 phone in which you can make calls, send or receive texts, and play Snake. There is no scope for social media on this phone at all.

Though the features may sound boring the gadget is as fine as wine in terms of its looks. It features a transparent flip-phone-look with holographic stickers and green accents which are designed to woo fans of retro-futurism. As per Bodegathe “Newtro” aesthetic taps right into Gen Z’s love for modernized 80s/90s tech.

Boring Phone: Specifications

If we talk about the specifications, this phone features a 2.8-inch inner display, 1.77-inch outer display, 0.3MP camera, headphone jack, and support for 2G/3G/4G networks.

Talking about the battery, this phone packs an insane battery life. It promises a backup of up to a week on standby.

Boring Phone: Availability

The Boring Phone won't be available for direct purchase in stores. HMD plans to distribute only 5,000 units globally through contests and promotional events, starting with Milan Design Week in italy on april 18. It's uncertain if these units will be sold. Other markets like the UK will follow later this year, but unfortunately, India won't be included.

If you're feeling like you're missing out, you can still download an app that "makes smartphones boring,set to launch in June, which will simplify your existing phone.

This isn't HMD's first venture into nostalgic collaborations. They recently unveiled a Barbie-themed flip phone with Mattel at MWC, tapping into the nostalgia of 90s kids. Although these initiatives may seem like gimmicks, they reflect HMD's new focus on "Human mobile Devices,emphasizing unique partnerships beyond Nokia-branded phones.

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