iPhone 16 Pro Leaks: 4 Major Upgrades That We Can Expect

The upcoming iphone 16 Pro might arrive with an upgraded main camera sensor sourced from sony to improve low-light photography.

Apple is anticipated to unveil the iphone 16 series this September. Akin to last year's upgrades, significant upgrades are also expected from the upcoming iPhone and according to reports, this year's focus of change will be on camera capabilities. In simpler words, it means that iphone 16 Pro users will witness a significant improvement in photography and videography experiences.

According to rumors, the iphone 16 Pro might arrive with an upgraded main camera sensor sourced from Sony that is specifically designed to improve low-light performance. The said sensor is engineered to capture more light which will allow pictures to be clicked with reduced noise and enhanced clarity. Notably, it is not definite yet whether this advanced sensor will be exclusive to the iphone 16 Pro Max or available across both Pro models.

iPhone 16 Pro: Four Major Upgrades (Expected)

Here are four major upgrades that the iphone 16 Pro may come with later this year:

Upgraded main camera

The speculation surrounding the iphone 16 Pro suggests that it will come equipped with an improved main camera sensor developed by Sony, aimed at enhancing low-light performance.

Ultra-Wide Camera Might Come: An ultra-wide camera with 48MP might come with the upcoming device which is a significant upgrade from the current 12MP version in the iphone 15 Pro. This will offer better performance in various shooting conditions, particularly in low light. It will also capture more detailed photos and offer more editing and post-processing flexibility.

Camera likely to get more optical zoom: apple is reportedly expanding the improved tetraprism camera design which is currently available only in the iphone 15 Pro Max. This change will allow both models to offer at least 5x optical zoom and 25x wallet PLATFORM' target='_blank' title='digital-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>digital zoom. Additionally, as per rumors, there is a possibility of the iphone 16 Pro Max with a "periscope ultra-long telephoto combination," for greater optical zoom capabilities.

Addressing Lens Flare: One of the common issues faced by iphone camera users is lens flare when shooting in bright lighting conditions, this results in distorted photos. the iPhone maker is reportedly testing a new anti-reflective coating technology called "atomic layer deposition" (ALD) to address this problem.

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