'Smarter, Faster, More Fun Than Before': Image Generation To Simplifying Hangout Plans, Here's Everything You Can Do With Meta AI

Meta AI is currently rolling out in phases to select users in India, only in English for now. It is expected that it will roll out

Meta AI, leveraging advancements from its newly improved Llama 3 large language model (LLM), has started rolling out to select users. The revamped assistant, developed from the latest open-source technologies, promises greater intelligence and faster responses, setting a new standard in free AI tools. From cross-platform integration to image generation, Meta's new AI is claimed to be "smarter, faster, and more fun than ever before."

Meta's co-founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg shared the news on his social media feeds, including Threads.

One of the remarkable features of this release is that Llama 3 is open source. This means that developers globally can modify and enhance the model, contributing back improvements that may be integrated into future iterations by Meta.

What Can You Do With Meta AI?

Simplify Experiences

The AI assistant is designed to facilitate a wide range of activities. From recommending restaurants with specific ambiance and dietary options to finding entertainment on a weekend getaway, or assisting with educational queries, Meta AI aims to simplify and enhance user experiences.

Further extending its utility, Meta announced the rollout of a dedicated website, meta.ai, where users can access the AI for help with tasks such as solving math problems or crafting professional emails, with the additional functionality to save interactions for future reference.

'ImagineAI Image Generator

The update also introduces a beta version of the "Imaginefeature, which allows real-time image generation based on text inputs. This feature, available in the US on whatsapp and the Meta AI web experience, enables dynamic image creation that evolves with each keystroke, providing users with instant visual feedback as they refine their ideas.

These images are not only generated in real-time but are also of sharper quality and better text integration. The AI can further animate these images, modify them into different styles, or convert them into GIFs, enhancing creative expression.

Cross-Platform Integration

Meta AI also integrates seamlessly into Meta’s ecosystem of applications including Facebook, Instagram, whatsapp, and Messenger.

This integration allows users to fetch real-time web information directly within these apps. For example, planning a ski trip via a Messenger group chat can now be effortlessly managed without needing to switch applications, from finding the best flights to selecting the ideal weekend.

Meta AI Rollout In India

Currently, Meta AI is rolling out in phases to select users, only in english for now. It is expected that it will roll out to more users in the coming days. As Meta continues to refine and expand the capabilities of its AI assistant, users can expect ongoing enhancements that will further integrate artificial intelligence into daily wallet PLATFORM' target='_blank' title='digital-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>digital interactions, making technology more responsive and tailored to individual needs and creative endeavors.

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