iOS 17.5 Beta 2 Update: apple Users Can Now Download Apps From Other Websites

iOS17.5 Beta 2's ability to download from websites is limited to the EU. It will function differently in other regions where access to third-party apps isn't permitted.

In certain countries, iphone users now have the option to download apps from sources outside of the official App Store. Apple has yielded to pressure from EU regulators, resulting in iOS being opened to third-party websites, permitting users to acquire apps from these sources. The iOS 17.5 beta 2 version offers a glimpse into this new capability, but it's exclusively available to residents of EU countries.

Apple's decision to enable web-based app downloads is limited to EU nations, indicating that the iOS 17.5 beta 2 will function differently in other regions where access to third-party apps isn't permitted. This shift presents an intriguing opportunity for developers like Epic Games, which has refrained from the App Store due to concerns over Apple's app commission fees. Known as Web Distributionthis feature allows developers to directly connect with iphone users through their websites.

Apple is not going to give the developers an easy route to let them connect the iphone users with their websites. The company has set up its guidelines and terms that developers signing up for the Web Distribution have to follow.

They have to pay a core technology fee of EUR .50 (Rs 44.5 approx) for every app install that goes past one mission in 12 months. apple also has set up an App Store Connect, which will consist of websites that the company feels are safe to allow downloading of apps for iphone users.

Apple has always liked the control it has on iOS, macOS, watchOS, and the whole ecosystem. The EU ruling has brought it out of its comfort zone but the company has found other ways to retain its authority which is unlikely to go down well with the developers and the regulators will be keeping a close eye on how these changes pan out in the next few months.

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