Apple Apologises Over 'Taliban'-Like iPad Pro Ad. Here's What Hugh Grant, Reed Morano, & Others Are Saying About It

Apple has announced that the advertisement will not be broadcast on television. However, the video remains available on YouTube.

Apple has publicly expressed regret for a recent advertisement promoting its newly launched iPad Pro. The advertisement in question showcased a series of creative implements — a piano, a record player, books, a vintage video game, and even cans of paint — being forcefully crushed by a hydraulic press, igniting a wave of controversy due to its perceived insensitivity. A user has even compared the destruction of iconic objects, including musical instruments, to that of Taliban-like activities.

Apple's Marketing Vice President, Tor Myhren, conveyed the company's apology to Ad Age, stating, "Our goal is to always celebrate the myriad of ways users express themselves and bring their ideas to life through iPad. We missed the mark with this video, and we’re sorry.”

Will apple Take Down The Ad?

Apple has announced that the advertisement will not be broadcast on television.

However, it remains available on YouTube, with uncertainty lingering over whether apple intends to remove it from the platform.

Here's The Apple 'Crush' Ad In Question

How Did people React To The apple Ad?

Critics voiced their disapproval of the advertisement, suggesting that it portrayed technology as stifling the essence of creativity. Furthermore, the timing of the ad's release, amid growing apprehension surrounding the impact of technology — particularly artificial intelligence (AI) — on employment, was deemed ill-suited.

British actor Hugh Grant weighed in on the matter after apple CEO Tim Cook shared the ad on his X (formerly Twitter) account. Grant's response to Cook's post condemned the advertisement, stating:

Emmy-winning director of 'Handmaid's Tale', Reed Morano, directly addressed Cook in a social media post, urging him to reconsider the ad's release

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