Drishti-10 drone is coming to get rid of enemies!!!

Pakistan, which has reached the brink of destruction, still keeps on making noises regarding Jammu and Kashmir. Keeps maneuvering. But india is committed to its border security. The indian army has not only increased vigil on the border with pakistan but is also ready to give a befitting reply to its every action. Now in this context, preparations have been made by the indian army to use a Hermes-900 drone on the border.

Its other name is also Drishti-10 drone. He can be inducted into the indian army on May 18. It is noteworthy that Drishti-10 drone will be given to the indian army by adani Defense. Drishti-10 drones will generally be used to target terrorists. Under emergency provisions, the indian army had given an order to the firm for two drones. According to which, the defense systems supplied by the vendors were said to be more than 60 percent indigenous. Apart from this, it should be under 'Make in India' in defence. It has been constructed keeping that in mind.

Planning to deploy at bathinda base of Punjab

According to military officials, there is a plan to deploy Hermes drone at Bathinda base in Punjab. With its help, the indian army will keep an eye on a large area including the desert area as well as the northern areas of Punjab. Currently, the indian army is using Heron Mark 1 and Mark 2 drones for security purposes. Under the last tranche of emergency procurement approved by the government, the army has ordered Drishti-10 i.e. Hermes-900 drones. Drishti-10 i.e. Hermes-900 has been made under Make in India. With this new step the country is moving towards innovation in security. The use of this new drone will be a major breakthrough in border security and will help in making the country more secure.

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