What is Money-Swiping Scam, Bengaluru woman reveals through 'bank screenshot'

Nowadays digital transactions have become very common. In such a situation, cases of online fraud are also increasing. Scammers try to cheat people of money by creating fake emails or links.

In today's world, almost everything has become digital. In such a situation, new online scam cases come to light every day. Scammers adopt many methods to cheat people and steal their money. Nowadays, it has become very easy to send fake emails, create fake websites, and use various software to swipe confidential information like credit card numbers and passwords. In such a situation, a new scam is growing rapidly. In this scam, your bank account can be emptied through an SMS.

What is money money-swiping scam?

Ms Chopra, a woman from Bengaluru, has shared an incident on the social media platform X, in which she told how she narrowly escaped becoming a victim of a financial scam. She told how she was in the middle of an office call when she got a call. The man said, “Aditi, dear, I needed to send money to your father but he is not available, so he asked me to send it to you. Dear, please check, is this your number?”

He cited some problems with his bank account and asked for help from Aditi. Immediately after the call, Ms Chopra received an SMS alert informing her that the money had been credited to her account. Ms Chopra wrote on X, "I first got an SMS mentioning Rs 10,000 credit, then Rs 30,000 credit, all this while he was on call."

Avoid fraud

The man then called again and informed Ms. Chopra about an alleged mistake and claimed that he had sent Rs 30,000 instead of Rs 3,000. He reportedly said, "Dear, I was supposed to send only Rs 3,000, but sent Rs 30,000 by mistake. Please return the extra money. I am standing at the doctor's, I have to give him the money."

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