Shock in Kerala...!? 68 people vomited & fainted..!?

In kerala, 68 people who ate at a restaurant suffered from vomiting and fainting and are being treated at the hospital. In kerala, the incidence of occasional deaths due to the consumption of poisoned food is on the rise. The kerala government is also taking various measures to prevent this. Meanwhile, another shocking incident happened in Kerala.
68 people treated:

An Arabian restaurant called Majlis is operating in ernakulam, Kerala. At that restaurant, the diners ordered and ate two popular Arabic dishes, Al-Faham and Shawai. Shortly after ingestion, 68 of them experienced vomiting, fainting, and diarrhea. Officials said that they have been admitted to ernakulam Government Hospital. Officials said that their condition is now stable. Vadaparavur Municipality Chairman VA Prabhavati said that the Majlis hotel was closed after 68 people started vomiting and fainting, and before that the health Department officials inspected the place. Also, most of the victims were studying in a college in Ernakulam. As it is the last day of the exam, they go to the Arabian Hotel to celebrate. After this, 68 people who ate it became ill. He said that their health condition is stable now.A few days ago, non-vegetarian mayonnaise, mayonnaise made from raw eggs were banned in all restaurants in the state of Kerala. Also, State health Minister Veena George said that licensing for catering services has been made mandatory in the state of Kerala. All food packages must contain details such as the date of manufacture and expiry date. health cards will be issued by the authorities to all the employees working in the restaurants. A committee has been set up to conduct an inspection of all the restaurants. All the restaurants will be inspected by the committee. Also, health Minister Veena George said that action will be taken on the complaints made by the people.

Order for investigation:

In this case, last Tuesday, 68 people who ate food in the hotel were shocked. The health Department has ordered an investigation into the incident. The Ministry of health has also directed the Food Safety Department to take strict action against establishments serving adulterated and unsanitary food or hotels operating without a license.

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