Turkey Earthquake: people Are Crying About Losing Their Homes..!?

Rescuers have reported that more than 5,000 people have died in the earthquake that hit turkey and Syria. More than 4,800 people have died in the earthquake that has hit turkey and syria so far. Rescuers have reported that the death toll will soon reach 6,000. Rescue operations are ongoing. The World health Center has warned that the death toll could rise further as rescuers continue to recover bodies from the earthquake. Most of the people in the disaster area are afraid to go inside the buildings. WHO also warned that the death toll may reach more than 20000. It is also said that earthquakes and shocks keep coming again in turkey and Syria. Rescuers are engaged in rescue work by digging through the rubble with their bare hands to see if anyone has survived the earthquake. Countries around the world are extending support by providing special teams, sniffer dogs, and equipment for rescue operations. Regarding the earthquake, Turkish President Erdogan said, 'Rescue teams were immediately sent to the earthquake-affected areas. We hope that we will overcome this disaster as soon as possible," he said. india has so far sent two rescue teams to earthquake-hit Turkey.

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