Spy balloon shooting down issue..!? china strongly condemned..!?

China has strongly condemned the shooting down of a spy balloon. A balloon flew suspiciously over a nuclear weapons base in the US state of Montana. The US said that it was a suspicious Chinese spy balloon. The action was taken immediately to shoot down that spy mysterious balloon. But there is a risk of shooting down the balloon while flying over a nuclear launch site. Besides, the US army said that they abandoned that effort because of the possible harm to people. Its movement-oriented series of activities were monitored. Following this, an American official said that the united states has shot down a Chinese spy balloon in the Atlantic Ocean. Speaking at a press conference at the White House, President Biden told the details about the balloon (China's observation balloon) last Wednesday. He ordered the Pentagon to shoot it down as quickly as possible.They shot it down. They decided that no one living on the land should be harmed. When it came to the surface of the water within 12 miles of their country, they decided to drop it at the best moment. They found success in it. For that, he said that he would like to express his appreciation to the pilots who completed this. Earlier, US Secretary of State Anthony Blicken's trip to china this weekend was postponed. However, in a statement released by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the spy balloon, it was a spacecraft sent from china for civilian use. While on a meteorological mission, the diversion mistakenly entered US airspace.They apologized for this. It also said that they will continue to communicate with the American side and explain this unexpected situation. In this case, while China's balloon was shot, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed its strong displeasure and opposition against the united states in this matter. Global Times has published information that it is stated that it is a galaxy for the use of people. china also urged the US to handle the issue calmly and patiently. However, the united states has accused the country of shooting down the balloon as an excessive act and a serious violation of international practice. china will definitely take measures to protect the legal rights and interests of related organizations. It has also stated in a statement that it will take the next steps to protect the right as per the law.

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