Google honored the heroine by publishing a doodle...!?

Google is the world's leading search engine. The company usually publishes doodles to honor those who have achieved in various fields like cinema, politics, and science. In that way, on today's birthday of P.K. Rosy, a doodle has been published in honor of him. Now let's see who P.K. Rosy is. PK Rosy is from Kerala. She is a caste girl and has the honor of being the first actress to act in a malayalam film. P.K. Rosy made her debut as an actress with the first malayalam film, Vikatakumaran, released in 1930.
At a time when women were subjected to various forms of oppression, it was considered a great achievement for a scheduled caste woman to bravely come forward and act in a film. Apart from that, the rich people from the bureaucracy stopped him from coming to see the film and attacked the theater. Having faced various crises in Kerala, PK Rosy married Kesavapillai and came to tamil Nadu, hiding her identity and living under the name Rajamma. A malayalam film based on his life titled PK Rosy was released last year. As today is the 120th birthday of actress PK Rosy, google has released a doodle in her honor.

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