How to find fake eggs in the market..!?

Due to the growing demand for nutritious food, the sale of fake eggs has been reported. eggs are probably the most important part of the diet of the poor. The most important reason for this is the cheap availability of nutritious eggs. The use of eggs in countries like india can be seen from the scale of their production. It is said that during this period of high demand for eggs, fake eggs are also being sold in the market. eggs can be eaten in any season. eggs are rich in protein, calcium, and omega-3. Some entrepreneurs are playing with your health by selling fake eggs in the market. This will affect your health.
Andhra Pradesh and tamil Nadu are the highest egg-producing states in the country. But telangana is the state that consumes the most eggs. According to a report, 75 lakh eggs are required daily in Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana. Due to the increasing demand for eggs day by day, the fake egg trade is also said to be increasing day by day. But some say it can be detected if you check the eggs at the time of purchase. Fake eggs are also reported to be shinier.
How to spot a fake?

Plastic is used in its shell to make fake eggs. Therefore, if a fake egg is placed near a fire, the egg will smell like burning plastic, and the shell will catch fire. Keeping this in mind, if you have a real egg and shake it with your hand, no sound will come out of it, but if you shake a fake egg in your hand, it will make some noise. So, before buying eggs, identify them in this way. Because eating fake eggs like this can spoil your health.

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