A social media outcry and broad censure have been brought on by an occurrence at pune Railway Station. A police officer is seen in a video that went viral on twitter dousing people who were dozing off on the platform floor with water. The officer, who appears to be a member of the government Railway police (GRP), is seen in the video dousing a group of people with water to wake them up, including a swiggy delivery worker and an elderly man. 
The cop was criticised for what was seen as his lack of empathy and cruel behaviour when the video swiftly gained popularity and more than 3.5 million views. A number of twitter users expressed their displeasure, criticising the officer for disrespecting the sleeping passengers. Concerns were raised by the occurrence regarding the officer's conduct and the level of compassion in the nation. One commenter on the video bemoaned the lack of humanity, while others emphasised that no amount of frustration could excuse the police officer's actions.

Senior railway authorities, including Pune's Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) Indu Dubey, expressed sorrow for the event in response to the widely shared video. Although DRM Dubey admitted the hardship created by platform sleepers, he claimed that the way it was handled was not the best method to advise passengers. The event has prompted a bigger discussion about how people are treated in public settings and the requirement for compassion and understanding on the part of law enforcement personnel. It serves as a reminder of how critical it is to confront these situations and promote a society that values compassion.

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