Woman hoops while dancing and juggling!!!

Fitness and enjoyment have long been connected to hula hooping. Recently, it has developed into a captivating art form that elevates the routine practise of hooping to a whole new level. Hula hooping has become a popular form of entertainment and self-expression for gifted performers from all over the world. Now, a gifted indian performer known as Koteswari M K demonstrated an exceptional level of hula-hooping in a popular dance clip. This woman demonstrates that all it takes to capture the internet's attention is a brief flash of pure talent and creativity. 

In the instagram video, Koteswari, dressed in a stunning traditional saree, can be seen performing a unique act that combines the skills of dancing, juggling, and hula hooping. The woman begins by circling her waist with a hula hoop. She then deftly starts juggling a few balls in her hands while continuing to move the hula hoop in a rhythmic manner. She continued performing this spellbinding act with dexterity and finesse before removing the balls. She then transitioned smoothly into a dynamic dance performance. Notably, the hula hoop around the waist was still in motion.

On august 17, Koteswari posted the hula-hooping video to YouTube. social media users flooded the comment section with emoticons depicting fire and red hearts. Many people recognised the woman's talent and praised and admired her artwork.

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