This girl has the best Handwriting in the World!!!

People write in a variety of ways, from exceptionally elegant to less-than-perfect. We practise handwriting from an early age with the goal of improving our abilities. The world's most exquisite handwriting is exemplified by a girl from nepal, whose exceptional handwriting proves that practise makes perfect. Prakriti Malla became well-known when she was 16 years old. When she was fourteen years old and in the eighth grade, one of her assignments went viral online. That paper's handwriting drew attention from all over the world because it was so captivating. Her writing had a natural beauty that amazed people, and they showered her with admiration and compliments.

On the occasion of the UAE's 51st Spirit of the Union, Prakriti Malla, the talented young woman from nepal who won the title of having the Best Handwriting in the World, wrote a congratulations letter for the uae leadership and people. Throughout the ceremony, she personally delivered the letter to the embassy.

The uae Embassy in nepal acknowledged Prakriti Malla in a tweet in 2022. The tweet announced that Prakriti Malla, a young woman from nepal, had won the World Best Handwriting Award in honour of the United Arab Emirates' 51st anniversary. Prakriti also received praise from uae Embassy representatives.

Each letter in the trending tweet, which features Prakriti Malla's article, is crafted in an incredibly beautiful way. Without a doubt, her writing is incredibly captivating. It wouldn't be a stretch to say that after seeing her amazing handwriting, even a "computer" might feel a little shy.

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