Rohit attended MI school function after captaincy issue..!?

 Rohit Sharma, who was the captain of the mumbai team in the IPL cricket series, was abruptly removed and all-rounder hardik pandya was added to that position. This created a huge stir in the cricket world. Many people are condemning this. mumbai fans feel that rohit sharma, who won five trophies, has been humiliated. As a result, many fans stopped following mumbai on social media. Due to this, the mumbai team, which was the number one team, has now been relegated to second place. At this stage, rohit sharma did not give any opinion about this action of the mumbai Indians team. There were reports that rohit sharma was angry and wanted to move to another team. However, the Ambani family is trying to fix Rohit Sharma. The program was held at a school run by mumbai Indians. Rohit Sharma and his wife Ritika graced the occasion. This photo is now going viral. With this, the Ambani family has moved this piece to show that there is no problem with the mumbai team and Rohit Sharma. Sharing this photo, some fans are commenting that rohit sharma has no regrets about the mumbai team and if he had, he would not have come to this event. However, rohit sharma fans who have explained this, say that what mumbai did is unforgivable and that he came to this event because Rohit Sharma's child participated in yesterday's event, otherwise he would have ignored it to show his anger.

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