Rinku Singh's father delivering gas cylinder...!? Viral Video..!

A video of Rinku Singh's father distributing gas cylinders is currently going viral on social media. Rinku Singh is a young cricketer from the state of Uttar Pradesh. He made his debut in the IPL last year in 2018 and is currently playing for the kolkata team. Accordingly, he has played 31 IPL matches so far and has accumulated 725 runs. After playing well in last year's IPL matches, everyone's attention turned on him. He also received praise from former cricketers and various quarters.

After this, he made his debut against the South African team in the one-day international last year. Also, he made his debut against ireland in the t20 International. Accordingly, he has scored 55 runs in 2 ODIs so far. He has scored 356 runs in 15 international t20 matches. Especially seen as the finisher of the indian team. With this, his chances in the indian team are bright. He has been mixing in the IPL series and t20 matches, while he is also showing his best performance in the international cricket series, while his father is still distributing gas cylinders. Even though his son is playing international cricket and progressing in the economy, the video of him delivering gas without forgetting his old job is now going viral on social media.Earlier in an interview given by Rinku Singh, he had said, "I advised my father to take a break after I got selected in the IPL series and got my salary. But he is used to working and continues to work saying that he will do this job for the rest of his life. So I did not stop him from that decision."

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