A cute TikTok video of a dog named Leo helping his owner pack a luggage has just gone viral. Going on a trip can be difficult for pet owners since it means leaving their animal buddy behind. However, instead of getting offended when his owner takes out a suitcase to pack for a vacation, the golden retriever begins placing his own belongings in the bag. He seemed to be determined to join his master for the holiday.
Leo's owner published the video on TikTok under the handle "midwestgolden.leo." In the endearing video, Leo is seen bringing his favourite toys, beginning with a plush lion, to pack in his owner's bag. Instead of being saddened that his owner was going, Leo opted to accompany him.

The video, posted on january 21, was jokingly captioned, "Alright, I guess he's going now." However, the poor puppy had to stay with his father when his mother travelled to Australia. Leo's owner elaborated on the situation in the comments area, stating how she was distraught about leaving her dog behind.

"I hate to leave him, but he will be with my husband. "I lost my grandmother earlier this year, and I'm going to australia with my mother to see the Australian Open because it's her number one bucket list item to see all of the grand slam tennis tournaments," she told Newsweek.

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