That Game ended in tragedy..!? What is the background?

 For many people, during sex, some games are played. One such game claimed the life of a young woman. It is common for everyone to think that sex should bring pleasure to both parties involved. If one of the two people involved is uncomfortable, they should stop what they are doing and find a way to fix the problem. The incident highlights that while pre- and during-sex games that increase heat are important, they can be life-threatening if overdone. Let's see the full details about it here. Georgia Brooke is a 26-year-old woman living in england (UK). A ballet dancer, she had a boyfriend named Luke Cannon who was 31 years old. They had intercourse on february 2, 2022. Some men hold the neck of the person in front of them to suffocate them during sex (Choking). Some women like it too. Like this, Luke has choked his girlfriend. They use drugs before having sex. Scared by this, Luke immediately called the emergency number and told the details. The unconscious woman died of a heart attack at the hospital.

As the woman's death turns out to be a murder, the police are looking for her boyfriend, Luke. But the lover, who fled somewhere after hearing the news of his girlfriend's death, was found hanging in a forest near the hospital within hours. An investigation into the incident is underway. In this, it has come to light that the deceased woman and the concerned boyfriend talked about what to do during sex and talked about choking. Although he did not strangle the woman to kill her, it has been argued in this case that murder had taken place and that this was the reason for her death. An incident in which a person died while trying to experiment with sex has caused shockwaves.

The mother of the victim, georgia Brooke, continues to fight the case. Luke, who has been accused, has been controlling his daughter, from what she wears to where she sits, and his daughter's behavior changed while they were in a relationship in 2021. The social activists who are talking about this incident, are saying that it is a cause of concern that lives are lost due to such irresponsible actions.

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