Women with education saw a rise in unemployment...

The nation's major opposition party grasped the opportunity when the ILO raised concerns about unemployment among educated young women in its report. On Friday, march 29, 2029, former congress President rahul gandhi posted on social media platform X, asking why only one in three women are employed. Why is there just one woman working in government, out of ten positions? He declared that half of the new government posts would be reserved for women if his party were to take power. He also pledged to grant half of the population's rights.

The business sector will need to generate jobs.

The Chief Economic Advisor to the indian government, v Anantha Nageswaran, published this report from the international Labor Organization. Speaking at the report's release, he said it is absurd to believe that government action will solve every social and economic issue facing the nation. He asserted that discussing solutions to issues like unemployment is simpler than actually resolving them. 

Generally speaking, he continued, the business sector ought to generate jobs globally. According to him, the government has made a number of steps to expand job prospects, from National education Policy 2020 to skill development. But in response to the Chief Economic Advisor's remarks, the opposition is now attacking the government as well. The government, according to the opposition, is not creating jobs.

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