After numerous delays, title change from Mudra and several release date postponements, young hero nikhil siddhartha is back on screen with his remake flick arjun Suravaram directed by debutant Santhosh. Here's team ap Herald's exclusive first on net arjun Suravaram review.
Arjun Lenin Suravaram is an honest and passionate journalist who is hell-bent on resolving social issues, and at a situation, it gets arrested on grounds that he had given fake certificates in banks. However now arjun discovers that many are arrested like him for giving fake certificates and now finds that there's a crime syndicate indulging in fake certificate scam. How arjun Suravaram resolves this crime is what the movie is all about.
Nikhil siddhartha is energetic and gives his best in terms of emotions, and dances with extreme energy as well.  lavanya tripathi is glamorous and shines as the eye candy. tarun arora is cliched as the antagonist, while the rest of the cast including vennela Kishore, Pragati, nagineedu and ravindra -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>raja ravindra are adequate.
Background score by sam CS is powerful while of the songs, Kanne Kanne is hum worthy.  Cinematography by Surya captures action sequences effectively while editing by naveen Nooli could have been better.
Debutant director Santosh has remade his own tamil movie Kanithan as arjun Suravaram but he has not been enlightened by the fact that the movie was a flop there and has failed to modify the screenplay properly. The first half moves with unnecessary sequences and songs and there's no solid interesting sequence at all. Though after the conflict is established and the second half has some interesting scenes, there's too much predictability due to the outdated content and lackluster performances from the supporting cast. Except for nikhil Siddhartha's performance, sam CS music, and few scenes,  there's nothing exceptional in this outdated action-packed social entertainer.  
Verdict: An outdated remake powered by nikhil siddhartha that doesn't even match it's original. 
Ratings - 2.25/5
Positives - Cinematography, music, Editing, Action scenes
Negatives, Lackluster Performances, Screenplay, Predictable scenes, Lavanya Tripathi

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