Sunny Leone - Cries, Screams - injured...


Bollywood actress sunny leone is busy shooting for her upcoming film 'Quotation Gang' these days. Recently the trailer of the film was released which got a lot of love from the viewers. However, now the actress has got injured during the shooting of this film. Giving information about the matter, sunny leone has shared a video on her instagram handle in which her leg is seen hurt.

In the video, a cut is seen on Sunny Leone's leg, from which blood is also flowing. Here, seeing this happening, the team of the actress immediately reaches her and starts applying medicine to her. However, in the meantime, someone said something that sunny leone got very upset after hearing and told her to slap the woman who was applying for the medicine.

In the video, you can see that as soon as the woman tells the actress to inject, she gets very annoyed. Due to this, Sunny even tells about slapping that woman. However, later the actress calms down and listens to her and also gets medicines applied to her.

If we talk about the film, then the trailer of 'Quotation Gang' has been released, seeing which it can be clearly guessed that the film is going to be a cool crime thriller. Apart from sunny leone, jackie shroff is also going to be seen in Quotation Gang. After watching the trailer, it is said that the story of the film will revolve around gang wars. 

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