There is always some news about a celebrity divorce that disturbs the fans. But it's not uncommon for children to be torn apart by a parent's breakup affair. That deficit is irreparable. Mother in one place and father in another place. It is the misfortune of children that they cannot always get the affection of both.

Descendants of bollywood star heroes ali KHAN' target='_blank' title='saif ali khan-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>saif ali khan and aamir khan faced similar plight. Being away from kids with the busy life of stars is a curse. Divorce becomes an additional curse for children. sara ali Khan-Ibrahim ali Khan's parents Saif ali Khan-Amrita Singh have faced mental problems after their separation, sara revealed.

Moreover, ali KHAN' target='_blank' title='sara ali khan-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>sara ali khan recalled in a recent interview that her brother used to play the ``victim card'' to buy the things they wanted. Sarah recently reminisced about her childhood days. She recalls how her divorced parents used to blackmail Saif ali Khan-Amrita Singh to buy them necessities.

Sara ali Khan said that her brother Ibrahim ali Khan always played the victim card so that their parents would buy them whatever they wanted. On the other hand, sara, who is busy with the promotions of Gas Light release starring sara, also revealed many secrets of her family.

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