When Aishwarya wanted normal delivery despite hours of labor pain, 'father-in-law' amitabh bachchan praised

Once actor amitabh bachchan talked about the delivery of his daughter-in-law aishwarya rai bachchan and praised her for not taking pain killers and opting for normal delivery despite being in labor pain.

Bollywood megastar and 'superhero of the century' amitabh bachchan ( amitabh bachchan ) is a great actor as well as a good father, husband and an ideal father-in-law. The good bonding he has with daughter-in-law aishwarya rai bachchan is clearly visible from his public appearances. Big B never fails to praise his daughter-in-law. Once he talked about Aishwarya's delivery and told how he had opted for normal delivery during the time of C-section.

Actually, it is about the year 2011, when aishwarya Rai was pregnant. She gave birth to daughter Aaradhya Bachchan on 16 november 2011, but she reached the hospital only on 14 november, 2 days before the delivery. During this his entire family was with him. However, Aishwarya's normal delivery was not easy, which was told by amitabh bachchan himself.

According to information, when aishwarya rai bachchan gave birth to daughter Aaradhya on 16 november 2011, amitabh and abhishek announced this good news by coming out of their house 'Jalsa'. During this, he also talked about Aishwarya's delivery in a conversation with the media. He had told, “We went there (hospital) on the night of 14th. The doctors told that the child could be born anytime. She gave birth to the child on the morning of 16th. It was a normal delivery."

When aishwarya suffered labor pain for 2-3 hours

Actually, aishwarya was not starting labor pain, so the doctors advised her for cesarean delivery. Along with amitabh bachchan, his family also agreed for this, but Aishwarya wanted a normal delivery. Complimenting his daughter-in-law Aish for this, Big B had said, "Nowadays people choose C-section and other options, but Aishwarya wanted a normal delivery." She tolerated labor pain for about 2-3 hours, but still refused to take any kind of pain killer.

abhishek Bachchan and aishwarya rai bachchan tied the knot on 20 april 2007 with much fanfare after dating for a few years. After about 4 years of marriage, the couple welcomed daughter Aaradhya on 16 november 2011. Since then Aaradhya has remained the apple of the eye of the entire family. When amitabh bachchan told the reason for not spending time with granddaughter Aaradhya Bachchan,

Aaradhya Bachchan is now 11 years old and is often seen with her mother Aish. Once upon a time Aish had always talked about being seen with daughter Aaradhya. He had said that he enjoys being with Aaradhya as he gets to relive his childhood with her. Along with Ash, Aaradhya also has a good bonding with her grandfather amitabh, which is clearly visible in their pictures.

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