Twitter situation is like this..!? office rent is not paid..?

Ever since Elon Musk took over twitter, there has been a lot of excitement about what will happen next. According to recent reports, twitter is not even paying rent for its office. This has caused concern among its fans about the future of Twitter. He fired more than half of the employees he bought. He stayed in the office saying he was sleeping in the office until he fixed Twitter.
There will be a lot of crazy activity on twitter with the initial acquisition of Twitter. If they are fine, we will leave them as they are. Otherwise, he said that we will change it soon. As he said, every announcement from time to time is out. Twitter's offices in san francisco and other areas are apparently not being paid rent. It has also been reported that twitter employees have been instructed not to pay rent in this regard. The announcement comes as twitter recently laid off more than half of its employees.Employees were dismissed without proper notification. They are not paid properly. This was disputed as a violation of US laws. Employees must give 60 days' notice before termination. In addition, 60 days' salary should be paid to the employees. It is expected that fines may also be imposed. It is expected that such notices may have been issued in the context of non-payment of compensation to the dismissed employees. The company is also likely to consider lease agreements for offices. This also seems to be a reason.When Elon Musk took over the company at the end of october last year, it was reported that he refused to pay the bills for the private jets taken. Not only this but there are also reports that some of the items in the twitter office will be auctioned. In this auction, twitter projectors, iMac displays, coffee machines, chairs, and kitchen items like fridges, and pizza makers will be auctioned. Reports have surfaced that Elon Musk has told the twitter team that he needs to cut costs of around $1 billion already. In the meantime, such announcements have been published.

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