An indian man died after falling while attempting to scale a border wall into Texas, drawing attention to the unexpected increase in illegal immigration from india to the US over the past two months along the border with Mexico. In contrast to the same two months last year and the entire fiscal year that ended in September, the US Border Patrol apprehended 4,297 indians crossing the border with mexico in october and november this year. Overall, since last year, the number of indians detained by US authorities at the border and elsewhere has more than doubled.

According to Customs and Border Protection (CBP) figures, during the fiscal year 2021–22 that concluded in September, US authorities discovered 63,927 indians who had entered the country illegally, a 109 percent increase over the 30,662 they discovered the prior fiscal year. The data showed that 13,655 illegal immigrants from india were apprehended in just the last two months, as opposed to 6,865 during the same two months in 2021. According to the government, the CBP only detained 19,883 indians who were living unlawfully in the US during the 2019–20 fiscal year.

The phenomenon of illegal immigration to the US, which has been on the rise since since President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala harris were elected and given the job of halting the flow of migrants from Latin America, is not just limited to immigrants from India. Despite Harris' claim that the border is "secure," US authorities recorded 2.77 million encounters with foreign nationals who were living illegally in the country during the fiscal year that ended in September. This is an increase of 41% from the 1.96 million encounters recorded during the previous period.

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