The ysr congress party quickly reacted and attempted to blame it on Naidu's obsession with publicity, even as the telugu desam party is trying to win over the public's sympathy over the tragic death of eight party supporters in the stampede at the public rally of party president N chandrababu naidu at Kandukuru on wednesday night. Y S jagan Mohan Reddy's cabinet ministers attacked the tdp leader for trying to win public sympathy for the loss of eight persons within hours after the catastrophe.

The police should file a case against Naidu designating him Accused No. 1 (A-1) in the Kandukuru stampede fatalities, according to state tourism minister R K Roja, as it was his penchant for publicity that claimed eight lives. "Naidu staged the demonstration in a tight space on purpose to demonstrate the big turnout for his meeting. It created a stampede-like situation because there was scarcely any room for the people to stand, according to Roja. She argued that the court ought to conduct a criminal investigation against Naidu and take up the case on its own.

He needs to be arrested for a murder attempt. She argued that these were outright political murders and requested that Naidu pay each family of the dead Rs 2 crore and the injured Rs 1 lakh. Naidu had lost his mental equilibrium, according to Ch Srinivasa Venugopala Krishna, the state's minister of information and public relations.

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