The name of the non-governmental organisation called Vuyyur Foundation, which is based in guntur and organised the clothing and gift distribution event, has come to light as a result of the terrible deaths of three people—including a woman—in the stampede that occurred at the event on sunday night. The Vuyyur Foundation, founded by India's Vuyyur srinivas, a non-resident, was not a well-known organisation before. There aren't many individuals that are aware of this Srinivas. The telugu desam party and the NGO collaborated, and N Chandrababu Naidu, the party's president and a former chief minister, was invited to the event. He spoke to the crowd and gave gifts to a select group of attendees as a show of good faith.

The organisers asked the police for authorization, the police said, and stated that they had plans in place to distribute presents and sarees to about 10,000 persons. "However, despite mobilising close to 20,000 people, they lacked sufficient planning for the gift distribution. Although there were only five or six counters, a large number of people attended. They raised their hands as a result, according to an eyewitness.

After Naidu left, even these five or six counters were shut down, and the organisers assured the throng that they would arrange to deliver the gifts to each household. The police claimed that this caused a stampede that ended in deaths. According to inquiries, Vuyyuru srinivas is linked to former tenali Alapati tdp MLA Rajendra Prasad, also known as Raja. He resides in Virginia, United States, and is rumoured to be considering running for office in Andhra.

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